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[Log, Kami and Yu~ki]

Masochistisch: It was so tedious! Having to check up on the troops like they were school children who needed parents to take care of them! A slight scowl tugged at pale, thin lips, steel-toed boots clunking against the soggy earth as he treaded up and down the rows of uniformed men. "Es ist so rührend!" He mumbled to himself, the riding crop he held in his left hand swishing to his left, swatting an officer in the back of the head. "Ihre Schnürsenkel sind gelöst, binden sie!" He sneered, chocolate brown eyes narrowing at the poor boy as he scrambled to tie his bootlaces. Shaking his head to himself, he continued on his way, riding crop coming up to rest against his right shoulder. Lanky body clad in his standard unifom of dull brown slacks and a matching, button-up jacket. Rugged leather boots came up to his knees, and shielding his head from the elements? Characteristic, stern looking military hat. Nostrils flared lightly, free hand reaching upwards to brush lengthy red strands out of his face, frowning to himself. "Geben diese Jungen, wir ihnen etwas gut, und fordern sie heraus, faul zu sein? So ein Erbarmen." Shaking his head to himself, he peered over his shoulder to the group of boys, before heading towards the main estate.

H Concious: *Calculating, brown eyes were fixated upon the back of the driver's seat, even as the General's lip twitched; though the sneer currently worn had been present from the start of this automobile trip, the general didn't feel any more comfortable with the uncustomary expression-- after all, the unit under his command were professionals, not young recruits, too easily intimidated by the presense of a commanding officer, as was the car's driver. The stuttered responses, the bit of sweat about the hairline peeking out from beneath the edges of the driver's military hat.. How vulgar... Though, he wasn't forced to deal with this situation much longer, for soon, they arrived at the estate of the mastermind, the genius, the leader, and Yu~ki had more important issues to concern himself with. As the driver exited and quickly scampered around to open his door, the general lifted his uniform's hat from his lap, free hand rising to smooth back the still damp locks of his short hair. There hadn't been much time to prepare himself for a meeting with the Führer, upon arriving home to Germany after an extended operation; the scent of napalm still lingered about his conciousness, like the sweet perfume of a lover, despite his shower and donning of crisp, clean attire befitting his rank. And so, exiting the vehicle, straight-backed, precise steps had him marching toward the familiar conference room, his trekk punctuated by the salutes of subordinates passed along the way, until... "Informieren Sie den respektierten Führer das Ich bin von meiner Mission zurückgekommen," he addressed one of the attending soldiers outside of the wide, twin oak doors leading to the room. "Ich berichte, wie befohlen." A moment's pause was taken, before the general added. "Wenn der Führer nicht hier ist, warte ich."*

Masochistisch: It wasn't hard to tell that the Führer was coming. Heavy footsteps against hard wood flooring announced his arrival long before he actually appeared. Slim hands nudged the estate's front doors open, lanky legs carrying him up the stairway. Proud gait came to a slow pause, upon spotting an officer. The slight wiggle of his riding crop bid the boy to come closer..Empty hand snaking out to grab him by the collar, yanking him closer. "Die Truppen draußen, tötet jedes dritte Ein! Lessions wird hier gelernt werden!" Medium-toned voice, which had started out softly, ended in a loud growl. Roughly pushing him away, he grabbed the pistol from the boy's belt, and shoved it in his face. "Macht es sich!" Sneer spread wide upon his pale features, practically yelling at the subordinate, pointing frantically at the door with narrowed eyes. As soon as he had scuttled out of his sight, he huffed an annoyed breath before making his way down the hall..Coming to the conference room, a thin brow arched high on his forehead. Slim hand came to rest gently upon Yu~ki's shoulder, before reaching out to take his hand in a quick, fast hand shake. "Ah, Allgemein Fleischer, pünktlich wie immer. Was müssen Sie berichten?" Query voiced as he moved to open the doors to the conference room.

H Concious: "Heil, mein Führer. Ich hoffe, daß Sie gut füehlen," he replied politely with a firm hand-shake, before the general lowered his arm to his side once again. Keeping pace a step behind the leader, he followed the other man into the conference room, waiting for the doors to close behind them before he'd begin his report; his trust was limited, including very few outside of the upper ranks and his personal unit, and assuming Köhler's was less than his own, he didn't want information passing on to the soldiers stationed outside. Standing before the wide table and his chair, ready to accept a seat after the Führer had situated himself, Yu~ki nodded once. "Der kleine Aufstand auf dem Randgebiet von Polen ist ge wesen erfolgreich ausgerottet." A faint frown surfaced at the end of his words, and his slender frame tensed with irritation. "Jedoch war der Aufstand nicht so klein, wie Intelligenz vorschlug. Obwohl es eine einfache Fehlberechnung gewesen sein kann, Ich fühlte bin am klügsten, dieses zu Ihrer Aufmerksamkeit zu holen." Such mistakes made the general's insides writhe with scorn; certainly, he didn't object to utalizing more of the army's resources to get the job done, he did expect a high level of performance from the other different departments.

Masochistisch: "Ich mache gut, vielen Dank." He said softly, nodding to the General after shutting the door and moving to take a seat at the table. Riding crop rested atop his lap after he crossed his long legs, hands clasped together atop the tabletop. After they were both comfortable, he listened intently to the words the other spoke...Pallid facade remained quite blank through the whole report--yet, at the end, that changed. Thin lips twitched ever so slightly, and dark eyes narrowed. A rather displeased snort flared his nostrils, and he wrung his hands together, familiar sneer tugging at the sides of his mouth. "Unglaublich! Eine Armee kann ordentlich ohne die passende Statistik nicht funktionieren!" He grumbled, shaking his head slightly, raising a hand to stroke at his chin slightly thoughtfully. "Einfacher Rechenfehler oder nicht, sind geringe Fehler, was allerletzten Untergang bringt. Ich werde dieses schnell behandeln." Such a statement reinforced with the slight thud of his hand against the table top as he nodded to himself. "Allgemein Fleischer, obwohl wie immer Ihre Leistung reine Vollkommenheit ist. Soll die restliche Armee zu Ihrer Sekte für Lenkung, nein anschauen? Wie verächtlich, diese messups." He shifted his weight, and soon uncrossed his legs, snatching up his riding crop and beginning to pace. "Nein nein nein, so dumm!"

Dialogue translation:

Kami: "it is so pathetic!"

"Your shoestrings are untied, tie them!"

"these boys, we give them something good, and they dare to be lazy? Such a pity."

Yu~ki: "Inform the leader that I have returned from my mission."

"I report, as ordered."

"If the leader not here is, I will wait."

Kami:. "The troops outside, kill every third one! Lessons will be learned here!!"

"Do it yourself!"

"Ah, General Fleischer, punctual like always. What do you have to report?"

Yu~ki: "Seig heil, my leader. I hope I find you well,"

"The little uprising on the outskirts of Poland was successfully eradicated."

"However the uprising was not as little as intelligence proposed. Although it could have been a simple false calculation, I felt it best to bring this to your attention."

Kami: "I am good, thank you very much."

"Incredible! An army cannot function properly without the correct statistics!"

"Simple miscalculation or not, slight mistakes are what brings ultimate downfall. I will quickly deal with this."

"General Fleischer, like always your achievement is pure perfection. The rest of the army should look to your sect for guidance. How pathetic, this messups."

"No no no, so stupid!"
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